Let it Grow Flower Farm

About Us

The Farm

What a wonderful journey from rice farms in the Philippines to a beautiful flower farm in Granite Bay! It's inspiring how you've transformed your yard into a vibrant mini flower farm, embracing your roots and the love for flowers.

Growing things from precious seeds has always been in my roots. Born into a family of rice farmers from the southern part of the Philippines, I spent my childhood summers in the province of Bukidnon, visiting my late aunt’s home. Bukidnon’s homes were adorned with beautiful flower beds of dahlias, zinnias, sunflowers, strawflowers, and more. Those vibrant displays filled my daydreams and planted the seeds of my own floral aspirations.

Now, fast forward to today — I’m married with children and living in Granite Bay. We have a small home with a spacious yard. My husband, tired of battling crabgrass, and I, with my enduring love for flowers, decided to repurpose our yard. We removed the crabgrass and transformed the space into a mini flower farm. We sowed flower seeds and embraced the growth, letting nature take its course.

What We Do

We're enjoying the process of experimenting with different flowers, discovering what thrives and what doesn't in our mini farm. Our goal is to cultivate beautiful flowers and create bouquets that we can share with others, spreading joy and beauty. Each success, and even the failures, add to our knowledge and passion for growing flowers.