I Scream Banana Patch

As a child, I was enamored by a TV commercial from the 70s that advertised a dwarf banana plant that could be grown inside the house, and the idea of having a banana tree in my home seemed like the best thing ever.
I dreamed of having a constant supply of bananas for my family and myself. But now, at almost 60 years old, I have a backyard flower farm, and we finally decided to grow banana trees. Last year, in 2022, we ordered two Blue Java, Ice Cream Banana Trees from Florida, and my wife got a little baby Saba banana sucker, or offshoot of the Filipino variety, as well.

The banana trees have been in containers since April 2022 and have managed to survive the winter, but they need to be planted in the ground as soon as possible. Initially, we had planned to plant them in a specific area on the flower farm, but unfortunately, that idea didn’t work out. Consequently, we decided to take over the sunflower row, although we were a bit disappointed since the sunflowers looked magnificent there. We will have to find another location for the sunflowers.

This year’s winter in California has been exceptional, with non-stop rain and rare sightings of the sun. However, we aren’t complaining as we need the rain, and we love it. Today is the only day we’ll see sunshine for the next few days, so we will take advantage of it and start cleaning the new banana patch and planting the bananas in the ground.

Mission accomplished! The bananas are now in the ground, where they will be nice and warm, and their roots will start spreading. Soon enough, we’ll have beautiful banana trees providing shade and a supply of delicious bananas just like I always wanted as a child.

Thanks a bunch!