Sunflowers Sway

In fields of gold, where sunflowers sway,
A sight to behold, on a summer’s day.
But alas, dear flowers, turned from view,
Your hidden beauty, a secret imbued.

Oh, sunflowers fair, with faces unseen,
What lies behind, a mystery serene.
Yearning to witness your vibrant bloom,
Yet denied, as your backs we assume.

With hearts full of love, we still adore,
Even if we glimpse you nevermore.
Sad little sunflowers, still we cherish,
Your presence, though turned, will never perish.

In your enigmatic stance, we find solace,
A testament to nature’s silent grace.
Your petals may face a wall so tall,
But our devotion, it never shall fall.

For it’s not just the sight that captures our heart,
But the essence you emit, a work of art.
Though unseen, your spirit shines so bright,
Filling our souls with sheer delight.

So, sunflowers dear, keep turning away,
In your own unique, captivating display.
We may not see your faces, but we feel,
The love and beauty you gently reveal.

Embrace the sun, let it guide your growth,
With or without eyes meeting, we both,
Share a bond that transcends mere sight,
Our love for you, a source of pure light.

Thanks a bunch!