Summer’s Farewell: A Season of Blooms and Renewal

As the sun sets on the summer of 2023, we bid a fond farewell to our beloved flower farm. The culmination of our labor and love, this season has been a true journey of growth and discovery. With the arrival of October’s first rains, we knew it was time to cease the steady flow of water to our precious blooms. Yet, in the face of nature’s call, some flowers defiantly continued to grace us with their presence. Their once-vibrant colors may have mellowed, but their beauty remained undeniable. It’s now the moment for their final petals to gently embrace the earth.

We’ve carefully gathered each flower stem, ensuring no memory is lost, and tenderly ground them down. These remnants shall find a new purpose, nurturing our flourishing banana row.

Each flower season is a chapter in our story, filled with invaluable lessons. We’ve learned what to plant for the next season and what to bid farewell. We’ve also undertaken the task of relocating flowers to new beds and introducing vibrant blossoms in a new front view location, creating a picturesque canvas for our family and visitors to cherish.

As the last bloom bows to the changing season, we look forward to the promise of another summer and the beauty it will bring.